Our Heroes

Working closely with rescue services, animal hospitals and shelters we can gain insight into who really needs our care and support the most.

Let’s make their lives better…

People who care selflessly for the well being of animals and put their safety above and beyond profit are the real heroes in our eyes.

The Cat And Dog Meat Trade

In the Asian cat and dog meat trade, millions of cats and dogs are cruelly and savagely killed by people who believe the more terrified the animal is before death, the better the meat tastes.  China, and other Asian countries, inflict such an enormous degree of cruelty on these innocent and gentle animals, it is impossible for us to comprehend the full extent of the suffering.  Working closely with professional teams based in China and Korea, CDAFC is actively seeking to put an end to these atrocities and will continue to fight for the voiceless and defend their right to be set free. 

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If we are going to win this war on terror, to be victorious we must all come together!

CDAFC is proud to be associated with and support such organizations.