Because We Care

What Makes Us Different?

We are introducing various products into the retail sector, which proudly display our unique logo. Every product sold helps animals in need.  Our brand will become synonymous with the care of animals worldwide!

We believe in giving...

CDAFC is the initialism for “Cats & Dogs Are Forever Company” and our slogan is “Because We Care”.  Not only do we care about cats and dogs but we care about every animal that inhabits this beautiful planet.

CDAFC has been formed to raise funds for animals facing desperate hardship and to bring awareness to such conditions animals are facing worldwide.  Our assistance will be offered to animal care organizations who we feel are doing their very best to assist animals in need.

Our mission is to provide less fortunate animals the best opportunity to live long, happy and healthy lives.

We offer help and support to pet owners who through no fault of their own, find themselves having difficulty looking after their pets.

We Stand For Honesty And Transparency

CDAFC is built upon transparency, an ethical code of practice and the promise to always serve and protect animals.